About Me


Hey my name is Jade,  I am 19 years old, and my birthday is August 16th. I want to say I like long walks in the park, but actually I don’t I like being indoors reading, a cup of tea in hand and some good music. I’m not in the least bit perfect, I have my story just like you. I am as you know an introvert, i’m shy, hate social things, but I adapt or at least try to. I like to try new things, and follow the adventurous path. Surprising right? Well this little bookworm has her entertainments. Outside of playing violin, writing and of course studying the social sciences I do enjoy cosplay, and Lolita. My dream of being a tiny bit kawaii might come true. I enjoy video games and if you speak geek i’ll most likely jump your bones. I love movies and T.V shows I just started A Netflix account three months ago and I am blowing it up. My love life is nonexistent I get nervous about meeting a guy i’ll like cause I had one bad relationship and its slowed what was once an improving self esteem and self image. Bleh this makes me feel lame. You can add me on facebook. Still thanks for reading this far! Pssh anything else you want to know ask me, but be wary i’m not always nice, nor am I very sweet. I might be quiet and kind but it doesn’t mean I can’t roar. I fight my battles, and hate bullshit.

Jade’s Poetic Whims

I started a Facebook page awhile back and that is where most of my poetry is coming from! I invite anyone to like it I always appreciate the support to my writing! I did have a few stories posted but those of course take longer to work on! I started the page on April 7th 2013 since then I am close to hundred likes. While thats not my ideal goal it’s nice to know friends and others support me!

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